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Hello , I’m trying to raise money  to compete and buy my food and supplements , here’s a link to a fund raiser to help me, please share it with you friends, it means a lot. Thank you, Patrick http://www.gofundme.com/wheelchairpatrick

youtube interview from Wheelchair Nationals



Name: Patrick Laugerude
Date of Birth: 6/30/71
Off Season Weight: 165
In Season Weight: unknown
Year Started Training: 1984
Favorite Exercise: changes from week to week
Favorite Bodypart to Train: chest 

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Contest History:

2004 Greater Golf States - NPC, 1st - Wheelchair - Novice

2004 Rocky Mountain Championships - NPC, 1st - Wheelchair

2005 Rocky Mountain Championships - NPC, 3rd - Wheelchair

2005 Wheelchair Nationals - NPC, 2nd - Middle Weight

2006 Rocky Mountain Championship - NPC, 4th - Wheelchair

2006 Wheelchair Nationals - NPC, 1st - Light Weight

2007 Rocky Mountain Championships - NPC, 4th- Wheelchair

2007 USA Wheelchair Championship - NPC, 2nd - Light Weight

2007 Wheelchair Nationals - NPC, 3rd - Light Weight

2008 Rocky Mountain Championships- NPC, 1st- Wheelchair

2008 Steel City - NPC, 2nd

2008 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 1st Masters

2008 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 2nd Light Weight

2008 Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 1st Middle Weight

2009 Rocky Mountain Championships- NPC, 1st Wheelchair Men's

2009 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 2nd Light Weight

2010 Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 3rd- Middle Weight

2011 Rocky Mountain Championships- NPC, 1st Wheelchair Men's

2012 Rocky Mountain Championships- NPC, 1st Wheelchair Men's

2012 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 1st Masters

2012 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 2nd Middle Weight

2012 Rocky Mountain Championships- NPC, 1st Wheelchair Men's

2012 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 1st Masters

2012 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 2nd Middle Weight


2013 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 1st Masters 2nd Middle Weight


 2012 U.S.A. Wheelchair Nationals- NPC, 2nd Middle Weight 2nd Masters




A mistake at birth left me with Cerebral Palsy, When I was born the doctor that was on duty that night didn't follow the x-rays that were in my mother's file and went ahead and did the procedure his own way. Instead of delivering me by C section he pulled me with forceps and just tossed me in one of those baskets and left me on the floor not breathing while he tried to stop my mother from bleeding. During the time I spent without oxygen I developed Cerebral Palsy.
I never said this before- my accident was attempted murder.

In the late 60’s early 70’s there was a team of doctors in Colorado Springs who didn’t like minorities, Black, Hispanic, Asian and so when a woman of these nationalities would come in for a check up/ see if she was pregnant, they wouldn’t tell her, instead they would abort the baby without the mother knowing and finish by giving the woman a hysterectomy to end people of color or mixed race being born.

Countless women have come up to my father with their story of what these doctors did to them.

One said the doctor told her “your kind have too many children anyway.”

After my birth the doctors said to put me in a institution where I could die and they wouldn’t be bothered with what they did to my mom and me. My parents did what many didn’t, took me and raised me with help from my grandma, without them and faith I wouldn’t be.  

I started therapy when I was1 1/2 years old, trunk, abs, legs and neck, just so I could hold my head up and crawl.

 I grew up with 80's movies; Conan, Rocky, Rambo, Arnold, etc. And every time I'd watch one I'd think to myself, "that's so cool, I want to look like that." When I was around 6 years old there was a T.V. show called The Incredible Hulk. I used to watch it every week and I found out that the actor who played the hulk had a handicap so I figured if he could get that big I could too, He's deaf, but I thought he use to be disabled as I was.

 Then when I was 11 I saw Conan the Barbarian on its opening day and after that I always wanted to be a bodybuilder. I would go hit the weights after watching a movie. Also, in the 80's there were shows about the future, like "in 1988 world war III will begin and people will start eating each other movies. "Red Dawn" and "Road Warrior". I had the thought that I didn't want to be left behind, so I worked out.   My junior high had a weight room and there I did leg presses and curls. I also bought muscle magazines and took weight gainers, Joe Weider tablets.

 My brothers owned Tak Kwon Do studios and every time they closed one I'd

get the weights, rusty Weider plates, ankle weights and dumb bells. Not until

1984 did I really start wanting to get big. I had a huge setback with my hip

surgery in 1986;  I had to start over, as soon as I

was out of the cast, I went into a K-Mart, I bought more ankle

weights and wore them on my wrist the summer of '86. In high school, working out made me feel better and stronger.

The high school had a weight room and my uncle owned a gym, so I worked out in both places

though out the rest of the 80's. My teachers and physical therapists had a

conference at the end of my 9th grade, I guess to see how I was doing in a main stream school/ classes.

 Anyway, my old therapists said it was a bad idea for me to work out, that it would do

something to my Cerebral Palsy and she had no idea what she was talking

about. Now, studies show working out improves Cerebral Palsy. 

How I started competing.

At first I thought maybe wheelchair Olympics might have something, then in the mid ‘90’s,  I was reading  and read of a disabled person looking to compete in bodybuilding.  I see this picture of a guy from India, he’s obviously handicapped but ripped and he’s asking where he can compete.  The guy/writer told him to contact Frank Dalto, I did the same and after 7 years I competed. 

 I was looking at shows/competitions in 2004 and seen the New Orleans one in July, it was March, in my mind I seen a road with a fork in it, one way to compete, the other not to, once I picked to compete, I stuck to it, no quitting. I try to learn something new at every show, diet, posing,  just anything.   

                                 One of the main things I try to do is open doors for many other disabled

people, e-mailing them back, showing them how to get into bodybuilding and

making wheelchair bodybuilding bigger and better, whatever I can do to help

someone better their lives. Lastly, for me is getting bigger and better every year and make the sport grow.

supplements I take.

L glutamine
Whey Protein

Creatine with nitro oxide


Horny Goat weed


My training.
Monday- Legs

Leg lifts/ Quad machine-3 to 4 sets 15 to 25 reps

Leg curls-3 to 4 sets 15 to 25 reps

Leg press- 3 to 4 sets 15 to 25 reps

Calve raises – 3 to 4 sets 15 to 36 reps

Tuesday- Chest and Biceps

Chest press-3 sets of 8 to 15

Flies-3 sets of 8 to 15

Incline press- 3 sets of 8 to 15

Bicep curls- 3 sets reps very

Thursday- shoulders/ triceps

Shoulder press- 3 sets of 15

Rear deltoid- 3 sets of 15

Shrugs- 3 sets 15

Lateral raises- very

Tricep press 3 sets of 15

One arm tricep press 3 sets of 15

Friday- Back

Row- 3 sets 8 to 15/ both wide and narrow grip, 6 sets in all

Lat pull 3 sets front and back, front narrow grip

Upper lat press down- 3 sets of 15

Lower back- 3 sets of 15

Wednesday/ Saturdays, Forearms

Abs- everyday or often

Cardio- everday

I use a spin bike, non electrical, the momentum gives me a smooth ride no matter the resistance or speed,

My tips for others.

Clown clothes and drew rags won’t make you a bodybuilder.

Wake up early every day.

Keep your teeth clean.

Eat every 2 hours.

Rest 30 sec. between sets, get out of the gym within 45min to a hour, cardio 45min so..

Never think you know it all, learn, learn, learn, do new things.

Listen to people who you want to look like, not the neighbor girl.

Work hard to make gains and stop hating ones who do.